The Boudoir Experience

All Blood, Bone & Honey Boudoir Packages Include the Following:

A Gorgeous, Sexy, Blessed AF Space 

A temple fit for the Goddess you ARE, created + curated by yours truly, decked out in candles, flowers, vintage fabrics + music (duh i’m going to romance you boo!) Rental of a Boss A** space included in investment. #allinclusivequeen

Jam Blasting, Goddess Conjuring, Photo Magic(k) 

Photographs created in an energetic container that is dedicated to your sensual EXCELLENCE BABY! The experience will leave you feeling nourished, vibrant, magnetic, empowered & at home in your sweet, strong, brilliant, body (mmm feel that support + E X H A L E) Most importantly this is a safe space dedicated to you to totally unravel, feel sexy as fuck, laugh, cry, dance, move & own your P O W E R. #yas 

Breathtaking, Soul-Shaking, Photographs

Professionally Edited, High-Resolution Photographs ready for print, & Web-Resolution photographs ready for easy upload + sharing selected by you from your private online gallery within 6 weeks of shooting, at which time you’ll undoubtedly say, “Wait is that ME?!” & i’ll totally respond with a resounding, “HELL YES BABE!” 


The Deep-Dive

The Premium Blood, Bone & Honey Boudoir Experience.

For the Goddess who is ready to dive deep.


The Blood, Bone & Honey Deep-Dive Boudoir Package Includes:

  • 90 Minute Blood, Bone & Honey Embodiment Session ($500 value)

  • 1 hour & 45 minute Photo Session

  • Hand Selected, Premium Photoshoot Location

  • Access to my collection of vintage robes fit for the queen that you are

  • Unlimited outfit changes

  • Unlimited Final Photographs Selected by you from your Private Client Gallery

This package is for the babe who is ready to go all-goddess-damn-in! In addition to the photo magick we make together in the photo space, the Deep-Dive Boudoir Package includes a Blood, Bone & Honey Embodiment Session, where get to the root, to the core, to the essence of what's coming up in your system + what' you are being invited to move through. 

In your 90 minute Embodiment Session you will be held & seen in a container completely calibrated + primed for radical reclamation & growth. We'll call in your guides, angels + high self. (casual) We'll pull some tarot cards. We'll get real witchy up in this temple space. (duh) You’ll leave this session vibrating, grounded, ready & excited to birth a re-freshed + re-nourished version of yourself into your consciousness & the world with customized holy homework + radical resources to support you in the transmission & embodiment of all of the truth unveiled through your session. This is about living life from a self-authoritative, radically-accountable, embodied place, babe! You 'bout to self-advocate like a boss. 

All Embodiment Sessions are done via video call either prior or post photo session depending on availability.

Opt in for the Payment Plan of 2 payments of $699

13Web Resolution.jpg

Keep it simple n slay Boudoir Package

As she wrote, we keep it simple, we keep it witchy, we keep it holy on behalf of your divinity & we slay.

Investment $997

The Blood Bone & Honey Keep it Simple + Slay Boudoir Package Includes:

  • 30 Minute Consult

  • 3 Card Tarot Pull

  • 90 Minute Photo Session

  • Hand Selected, Premium Photoshoot Location

  • 15 Photographs Selected from your Private Client Gallery

For the Babe who is so achin’ to get it shakin’ in the boudoir space, we keep it simple & we slay. We'll hop on a 30 minute video call to chat deets + vibes including what you're thinkin' about adorning your body in for your session. We'll pull a few tarot cards, I'll channel the spirits, we'll get witchy & honesty in conscious coventry from the start, setting the mood + intentions for your saucy n sensual session. 

As with the Signature Deep-Dive Boudoir package, a stunning, hand-selected, decked-out in the vibes, location is included in the investment of your session.

Opt into the Payment Plan of 2 payments of $499