This is a reclamation of boudoir.

Severing it's ties with the male gaze and it's heavy history, we put the control of representation into the hands, hearts and consciousness of women and femmes.



I never get tired of hearing, “Woah, is that me?” and getting to respond with a resounding, “HELL YES!” It’s the stuff of life. It has a gut, and it channels the archetype of the unapologetic wild woman whilst honoring the rise of the divine feminine.

For so long our sexuality has been linked to impurity. We were conditioned to feel that taking pride in our sensual nature was unwise and inappropriate at best and dangerous at worst. In school we were told not to wear the short skirt because our male classmates couldn't control their urges. In our private lives we were urged to count our calories and shrink ourselves smaller and smaller so that we didn't shine too brightly.

Our sexiness was based on the satiation of the male gaze. But now, now we are tapping into a deep, ancestral knowing that is threatening to a patriarchy whose goal is to silence and oppress the sexuality and voices of women, femmes, trans and non-confirming folks because they're so terrified of what might happen if they don't. It's a broken system that runs on fear and bullying people back into their tiny little boxes. These photographs serve as a mirror for the women in the images to see their sensual power reflected back at them- not to shame, not to sexualize, but provide a safe space in which they can see themselves in all their raw glory. I don’t empower women. I remind them that they are in fact, incredibly powerful and with that knowledge, they empower themselves.

Divine Feminine energy is water, fire, earth, blood, bone, honey and takes no shit. This energy is't limited to those who identify as "she" or those who posses the biological capabilities to bleed, birth and produce milk. It is in all of us, we are fluid, we are powerful and now all we have to do is tap in. 

Give yourself permission to express, honor and celebrate your sexuality in a Blood, Bone & Honey Boudoir session.

We dim the lights, get cozy, put on a record and create a space where you feel safe and free to express your most glorious sensual self. 

Together, we redefine "Boudoir" from a feminist lens. 

As a survivor of sexual trauma, I am aware that for some, this can be a vulnerable and triggering situation to enter into.  

Come as you are. 

I'm right there with you.

Healing, growing, purging, releasing and honoring. 

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