Your up-level awaits

The Blood, Bone & Honey Private Mentorship is for the babe who is ready to take up unapologetic space, get back in their body, get real with their shadows, get intimate with their light, self-advocate with truth, spell(werk), twerk, re(birth) their personal power & as a result, shift the entire frequency of their life. Vibration proceeds manifestation, baby! Let’s go.

It is time to clear out the energetic cobwebs, share in vulnerability, dream BIG + birth those dreams into reality, through vibrating at the frequency of the Womxn, of the Goddess Within. Blood, Bone & Honey Private Mentorships serve as a holistic approach to embodiment that honors the depth of reclamation work.

My job is to support you in being the most nourished, grounded, version of yourself as you birth your personal, creative + professionally driven goals out into the world. You are a Femmepire Running Goddess of your Personal Temple & Human BEING that deserves to be supported, held + seen. Throughout your Private Mentorship I will serve as your personal cheerleader + catalyzer of you stepping all up into your personal power IN STYLE - because we don't play around in the Blood, Bone & Honey Temple ya’ll.

So if you’re ready to have someone hold a mirror up to your shadows, your light, your magnetism & root for your transformation through potent energetic support + consciousness shifting coaching then this is for you, babe.


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