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Welcome to Blood, Bone & Honey my babes!

Blood, Bone & Honey is dedicated to serving women and femmes through visual and energetic services. This is a space where we celebrate what our culture has convinced us are imperfections and shout what we were told to speak of in a whisper from the fucking rooftops. Blood, birth, milk, stretch marks, scars, acne, folds, rolls, rape culture, authenticity and truth. We get back in our bodies and it feels good.

As someone who has struggled (and continues to struggle, because healing isn’t a linear process with a destination) with body and sexual trauma I am here to provide a safe space for you to explore your sexuality and power. I am here to listen to you, I am here to serve you, and I am here to provide you with visual and energetic services that speak to the essence of who you are- as a photographer, as a filmmaker, as a doula, as a reiki practitioner,  and as a fellow woman purging trauma and rising up. 

This is a space of inclusion, unapologetic goddess worship, healing, fear facing, trauma purging, shadow work, and ultimately, Divine Feminine badassery. 

I believe the act of opening, surrendering and allowing your essence to be honored is a self care practice. In a culture that profits off of our insecurities, self-love is radical activism. Reclaim your right to celebrate and worship your body with a Blood, Bone and Honey visual and/or energetic offering. These experiences also make great gifts for those you cherish, and for whatever holidays or celebrations you may recognize and hold dear. All services are available as customizable packages and I will work with you to cultivate something that fits your needs.


Visual - Photographs and short films through a fine-art, documentary, feminist lens  

+Boudoir - Putting sexuality and sensuality back in the hands, hearts, and consciousness of women and femmes, making you feel like the powerful goddess you are.

 +Mama & Co - With raw and authentic imagery we celebrate you, mama: in maternity, in birth, and as your little babes grow and develop.

 +Couples - In a space that is meaningful to you, we capture your bond through intimate imagery that tells your story. 

+Boss Babes - Artists, herbalists, yoga teachers, tarot readers, intuitive sisters, social justice warriors, entrepreneurs and femme empire builders of all kinds- this one is for you. We get clear about your vision and bring it to life through images that speak authentically to your business and brand. 

 Energetic - Bringing in the good vibes and tapping into your power

 +Birth and Postpartum Doula - Supporting mamas/birthing people, and partners on the wild and sacred journey of birth. 

 +Spirit Mama Sessions - Holding safe space for nourishing soul talk, chakra balancing, boundary setting, tarot pulling to aid in the manifestation of healing and abundance in your life.