In my partner, I found my home.

Holding so much space in his body for curiosity, understanding, empathy, listening, humbleness, adventure and a deep well of unconditional love, he is my rock.

(not to mention he is proudly a self proclaimed feminist)

Our life together is colorful and it feels like the most nourishing soup in my bones.

I cherish the photographs we have made together. They’re raw, they’re real, they’re sensual and they’re unfiltered.

Here’s one to get you in the mood..

IMG_5493 copy.jpg

In a Blood, Bone and Honey couples shoot I bring that authentic, documentary, fine-art, sensual and honest af lens right to you and your lover.

We get cozy in a space that is meaningful to you both and celebrate your bond through authentic images that speak to your unique bond.

Upon popular demand, I am now available to join you in celebration- whatever that may look like for you. Aka custom wedding packages available upon request.