Supporting mamas/birthing people, and partners on the wild and sacred journey of birth. 


I began serving as a doula from a young age. A caretaker for my mother as she was sick and in congestive heat failure. 8 years and 2 open heart surgeries later, I grew up knowing how to prepare a soothing cup of chamomile, a cool rag soaked in herbs and oils, stroking hair, holding space and the presence of blood became nbd.

My mom is a walking miracle and it was a honor of my life to serve her in that way.

Nothing is coincidence. I am an old soul. An intuitive. Brutally soft. Feeling everything always. Too empathetic for my own good. Open. Vocal. Dancing. Praying. Talking to angels. Magic-ing. Doing Reiki before I knew what it was. A shadow worker. Loving hard. Living vulnerably. Fiercely loyal. A cheerleader. An activist. A fighter. Cooking meals for friends. Creating concoctions of medicinal herbal teas. Slathering myself and everyone in sight in oils and creating sacred spaces in the home-space for community and transformation.

I feel so divinely aligned with this work, and so lucky to have found it. 

I am in the processes of cultivating unique doula packages to support my clients.

In the meantime, please reach out if you think we’d be a good match! It would be wonderful to hear from you.