***Calling all angels***


This is such a sweet time where I have the absolute honor of holding safe space for nourishing soul talk, boundary setting, tarot pulling to aid in the manifestation of healing and abundance in your life.

We are intuitive beings with the ability to be manifesting machines- cultivating radical healing and abundance in our lives. Magick is real and they wanted to burn the witches for a reason. The real truth tea is that women and femmes in their power are a threat to a culture that profits off intentionally manufactured insecurities that exist to keep us quiet and systemically oppressed. They want to make us obedient. To purchase our self-worth, to seek acceptance, to live in fear. Because as long as they can capitalize off of us feeling less than, they’re sure as hell gonna make $ure we continue to feel that way.

We have been indoctrinated into a culture that breeds low-self-worth before we could consent. We were tricked into believing that freedom, happiness and safety are things that have to be fought for rather than our birth right. It takes deep psychic work to recognize these toxic systems and break free of them. I seek to support you through that.

We are not alone, and this shit is not our fault. If you’re feeling heavy, take a moment to recognize the weight without judgment, and know that you don’t have to carry it anymore. Let’s purge the trauma, let’s unload the baggage, let’s make some fucking space boo!

 You are powerful.

You are worthy.

You are whole.

You have everything you need inside of you.

I’m just here to remind you how to access it.

The Deets:

A Blood, Bone & Honey Spirit Mama Session can be done virtually or in person.

Virtual sessions are done over skype and in-person sessions are done in your home or space of choice.

This is 1.5 hours of soul talk, tarot pulling and good vibes.

You can open and shed without fear of being judged or projected upon.

This is a safe space.

Ya’ll ready to vibrate high af?