This is a Renaissance, a Reclamation, a Re-birth of Personal Power, of Truth, of the Divine Feminine within.


This is a space where we celebrate what our culture has convinced us are imperfections - excavating, exorcising & alchemizing narratives that were indoctrinated into our consciousness without our consent + casting them into the light.

We shout from the rooftops what we were told to speak of in a whisper.  

We make love to our shadows & get intimate with our truths.

Reclaiming personal power through illuminating, opening, unraveling, releasing + creating spaciousness to ignite.

Words dripping from our mouths like honey. Our blood watering the earth. The music of our liberation tickling our bones. Wind kissing our eyelids. Songs leaving our lips as spells. Movement of our bodies in big, bold, ways, that honors the depth of the trenches we’ve moved through, the pain we’ve excavated with our bare hands, the trajectories we’ve died to changed, the awareness of our reclamation as it rushes through our veins.

Heart wild & wide open. 

Living our lives in ritual, ceremoniously, with intention + without apology.

This work is soul shaking, game-changing, consciousness shifting, reclamation at it’s finest.  

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Hi Witches

My name is Sarah + I’m a sensual, soulful, seductress of the most, raw, poetic & powerful parts of you.

As an Embodiment Doula + Photo Witch, I support brave womxn & femmes in taking up radically unapologetic space, learning how to self-advocate without fear, making love to their shadows, recognizing, honoring & utilizing their light, nurturing their intuitive gifts, cultivating ritual, reclaiming the f*ck out of their bodies + birthing ceremonious lives they feel on fire for.

I conjure up consciousness shifting self-love on the daily, disrupting the disempowered narrative of a broken, systemically oppressive, patriarchy through Private Mentorships, Energetic Embodiment Sessions, Feminist Boudoir, Conscious Visual Content Creation for the Boss Babe + my signature online academy for the wild womxn, Nourish Like a Goddess, Live Like a Witch.

On a typical day you can find me sipping home-made bone broth, talking to spirits, shaking stuck energy out of my body in a vintage silk robe & putting the Divine Feminine back up on the altar.

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Down for the level-up?

Find out how to work with me in a feminist, witchy & intentional container primed + calibrated from your infinite expansion below.

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Mentorship & coaching

Ready to opt in to being seen, held + fully supported in all of your magick?

Book your complementary Clarity Call.

A space for you to get radically honest about what is coming up in your system & what level of support is of service to your next level of expansion.


Makin’ Photo Magick

When is the last time you…

…opened, unraveled, shed, released & expanded for your liberation.

…gave yourself permission for sound to leave your lips in the form of celebration & self advocation?

…didn’t give a single f*ck what you looked like because you were consumed with how good you FELT?

Free, Sensual, Alive, Tapped-in, Turned-on, Present & Awake to Life!

Nourishing like Goddesses, living like Witches, our pleasure can’t be claimed.

This is the V I B E served in the signature & premium Blood, Bone & Honey Boudoir + Boss Babe Photo Magick Sessions.

Get the tea on the transformational, toe-tingling, visual & energetic experiences here: