“At some point in my young life, for reasons I’m sure all women can relate with, I shut all doors on the idea that I could take up space in my sensual body and be safe at the same time. As time passed and I found the space to expand my mind and beliefs, I realized that I was constricting my own life-force because of fear. Fear that my radiant wholeness and complete conscious embodiment would be “too much”,  would hinder others, and make me unsafe.  Pushing through this fear and demolishing these beliefs has been and will continue to be a big part of healing journey. My boudoir shoot with Blood, Bone, & Honey empowered me on my healing journey.  

My 2 hours spent with Sarah were like a microcosmic experience of unfolding sensuality and safety in unison, reflecting the macrocosmic experience of connecting and embodying the Divine Feminine. 

I fluttered in front of her lens, floating in and out of the awareness that their was even a camera present, I was facing my fears and knocking them out on the spot. I felt myself elevating beyond limiting beliefs with each moment, finding new levels of expansion.  Sarah allowed me to feel my way through the shoot while holding safe space. 

When I look at the photographs Sarah created for me I see a celebration of my body, my sensuality, and my ability to heal; and I am reminded of The Divine Feminine with in me.”


"I am the first person to admit that I don't like having my picture taken, but I had a sense right away that having Sarah behind the camera would upend my own nervousness, and I was right. She eased into our home like she'd been there a million times before and cuddled with our kittens. (Of whom she also took some precious bonus shots.) When the light was just right, she guided us calmly and with wonderful enthusiasm during our couples shoot. The photos that resulted are more beautiful and personal that I could have envisioned. Before our shoot she said to me sweetly, sensing my nerves, "You don't have to show them to anyone, but I think you'll want to." And she was absolutely right. The pictures embody our love in a way that only Sarah could capture with her warm and uniquely personal approach. I feel so lucky she helped me put my shyness away and created such stunning art on behalf of me and my husband." 

-Sam & Kelsey

“Sarah’s images are raw, real, and passionate. I almost didn’t do a session with her because I didn’t think I had that big energy. But she found the emotion and captured it. I didn’t have to do anything but be me, and I now own gorgeous photos that illustrate a peace and power I often forget I have in me to offer the world.”


“I promised myself early in the summer that I would reach out to Sarah about doing a boudoir shoot. I’ve spent the majority of my life terrified of having my picture taken so I knew it would be out of my comfort zone. But that comfort zone was getting smaller and smaller. So, after a period of time that seemed to be filled by loss, of myself, of others, I wanted to reclaim my wellness and reclaim my body. It’s a process and a journey I’m still on and Sarah was able to give me the gift of documenting and celebrating that journey.”


I recently had the pleasure of having my photo taken with Sarah. For me, having my photograph taken makes me feel very self conscious and vulnerable and this is one of the first experiences where I felt I could truly let go and just be seen. Sarah’s energy is warm, authentic, relatable and vivacious. I felt energized and amorous in front of her lens which allowed my proud sensual self to shine through in photos. Her encouragement, positive feedback and creative suggestions throughout our shoot helped me unravel and open up. I felt so in my body, connected to myself and connected to my sexuality. It was a liberating experience that every woman deserves to feel. She understands the female form and that understanding is reflected in her photographs. Her photos feel alchemical and healing. We were even able to snap a few couple’s photos with my partner and it was such an incredible experience to be able to see our chemistry reflected visually. I will truly cherish these photos forever. I am so grateful for her, her skills and the work we made together.

-Melissa & Jarad

“I’m not a natural in front of the camera. I always feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, and from the moment Sarah walked into my space, that feeling fell away. I’m now a firm believer that every woman should have a boudoir shoot of her very own. It was liberating and joyful, much like Sarah is as a photographer and person, it was the highest level of self-care, and I truly forgot there was a camera pointed at me.”


“While I've always been self-confident, this past year I went through a breakup that made me question everything about myself: from my personality to my physical appearance. I became crippled with self doubt and low self esteem. After months of doing the work and finally feeling like myself again- Sarah came into my life. From the moment we connected, I felt safe to be myself and comfortable to show her, and the camera, the woman I've always been deep down. My boudoir shoot reminded me that the confident woman I was on the inside, had always been there all along, and Sarah was able to capture my true spirit like no one ever has. Conversation flowed naturally and we used all the rooms in my home, to highlight the multi facets that make me "me". I felt sexy, empowered, and SEEN. When I first received the photos from her I honestly couldn't believe it was me. It's the most honest portrait I've ever seen of myself and I cannot thank Sarah enough for reminding me of my worth.”


“Working with Sarah was amazing! After gaining about 25 pounds within a few months of dealing with anxiety and emotional eating, I was ready to make a change. I wanted to challenge myself to do something outside of my comfort zone, and shooting with Sarah was the perfect way to shake up a lifestyle that had become far too reliant on comfortable habits. She made it so easy to open up, and I felt so empowered during the entire process. Her warmth and technical knowledge combined made me feel like I was in good hands during the shoot, and the final products were so beautiful and fierce, and were such an instrumental part of my journey towards irreverently and unconditionally loving my body.”


 “Sarah's photo shoot was a joy. Her giving presence created a space for me to feel open and an free.She was open to suggestions and the whole feel of the session was fun and relaxed. Her photos show the real me and that is due to her ability to see beyond the mask. Her joy and excitement is contagious. The photos captured my insides and that is a tribute to her artistic talent and not least, her permission giving spirit. I love the photos that show the natural me in my favorite natural world.”


“I cherish the photo’s Sarah took of me in my home. The vulnerability, authenticity, and self-love she is capable of bringing out of a person is a gift, making these pictures truly one-of-a-kind. She gave me space to let my inner beauty and raw power radiate throughout me, capturing every spectrum of my soul. There’s also a vintage quality to her photo’s that is unique to other photo’s taken. She also came to my home and took pictures of my son breastfeeding, and people always gravitate towards, commenting on how well she captured the complex beauty of motherhood.  I was completely at ease and my truest self in both shoots, Sarah capturing life in emotion rather than staged poses.”